Saturday, June 19, 2021


Memories of him have been haunting Lucy lately and she's not sure why they're happening now.  She made her choices a decade ago.  There was nothing good about what-ifs.   But, now Daria, who worked with her at the paper with her, tells her she overheard a telephone conversation at dinner last night welcoming Nicholas home.  

Lucy is horrified!  Surely not her Nic?  Did she somehow conjure him up with her memories?  She she couldn't see him again.  She had been best friends with Nic since she was five.  The last time she saw him he was an eighteen-year-old freaking sex god.  No one should look that good.  She still cringes remembering the fight they had before he left town.

After being away for fourteen years Nic was back home with his seven-year-old daughter Kelsey.    He knew he was going to see Lucy again and wasn't looking forward to it after her stomping on his heart when he told her he loved her and asked her to move with him to New York.   She was livid when he said he would stay only if she admitted her feelings for him.  He left the next day...without her.

I loved this book!  It is a steamy hot second chance romance.  I love all the characters.  Lucy's sisters cracked me up and Kelsey is just adorable. 

Lucy and Nic have been tied to the hip since they were five, but due to Lucy's daddy issues, Nic has been fighting all his life to knock down Lucy's barriers and get her to trust him.  The chemistry between Lucy and Nic could start a fire it's so hot!  I love all the people in this town and their relationships with each other.

I was drawn into this story from page one and it is so well written that I felt part of the community.   I fell in love with Alina Parker in her Thorne Legacy series and this series looks to be just as amazing!

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