Tuesday, June 15, 2021


Even though Margaret is told that she is pleasing to the eye she has noticed her gowns fitting awkwardly because of her getting thinner.  And though the food at home was still delicious most of the kitchen staff had been relieved and the food not as plentiful due to her father's dwindling funds.  Viscount Bolton had a drinking and gambling problem which was leading to ruin.

Unlike when her mother was still alive the estate was in disrepair.   She remembered that as a small child the grand parties and the elaborate gardens.  But, now it felt like a prison.   Most of the staff had been let go and with only one horse which was not enough needed to drive the phaeton. 

When she and her maid, Jane, return from their walk her father wished to speak to her.  She needed to find a husband because most of their money was gone.  Including, it seemed, her dowry since he suggested that she find an older man who would be happy with her charms and not need a dowry.

While walking with her friend to share this news they see a horseman crossing the field towards them.  It was John Harrington, Jane's brother, and he had not only grown up but put on muscle having worked on the docks.

This is a sweet story in a time when women were overwhelmed with fainting spells.  This book has a good storyline and is well written, but I couldn't get a feel for the story.  I was having a hard time picturing the story in my head and personally connecting with the characters.  I don't know if the description of the surroundings or the stilted language was my problem.

I found the plot to be full of intrigue, but it just needed more.   I give this book 4 stars only because it is well written and a good storyline, but it just falls a little short for me in connecting to the characters. 

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