Saturday, June 19, 2021

REVIEW - BLACKMAILED BY THE BILLIONAIRE by Scarlett King and Michelle Love

Cayce Duran and his brothers, Chase, Chance, and Callan were nervously waiting for their cousins and their partners to ask them for an investment in their idea for producing and storing energy from ocean waves.

The men at the round conference table couldn't be any different if you tried.  The five Nash brothers were businessmen; the three Gentry brothers were cowboys, and us Durans looked like beach bums in floral shirts and khakis. 

They currently work 10-14 hour days at a weapons development company that refuses to give them any downtime so they can build a prototype, but they left the meeting with an investment and new partnership for Whispering Waves Electric Company.

 Zurie worked in the Research Division of Mantabo Industries and didn't understand why she was being called to meet with the Founder and CEO.  He was going to pay her a million dollars.  All she had to do is to get close to Cayce Duran and find something that can be used to blackmail him and force the brothers to return to work for him.

I loved this book!  Whoa!  I love seeing the Nash and Gentry brothers again fell in love with the Duran brothers.   I love Cayce and Zurie, but I don't know how Cayce didn't kill Zurie with everything she put him through.   

The book is well written and I loved the storyline.  It's steamy hot, full of deceit and loveable characters.  Reese is too good to be true.  I look forward to reading about Cayce's brothers.

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