Tuesday, June 29, 2021

REVIEW - STUCK ON YOU by Lindsey Hart

Ellis is turning on her recorder in preparation for some juicy gossip.  She is undercover as a maid to get information on the billionaire and his family who destroyed her father's life.  This fight getting ready to break out looks to be just what she needs.

The Cromwells had bought out her dad's publishing company and promptly closed the doors.  Doors that they promised would stay open, putting people out of jobs.  Hers included, so she got this job as a maid to get whatever dirt she can find on the Cromwell family.

Turns out that his grandmother was devastated when both her sons' marriages ended in divorce so she had five family heirlooms blessed (or as Ash is relaying to his friend, Meryl, cursed) so that her grandchildren will meet their soulmates.   So he and Meryl are planning a fake marriage to get his grandmother and her parents off their backs.  Now that's a story!

Ash trips as he's bringing the cursed ring to show Meryl and it goes tumbling down the staircase to land at the feet of the new maid.  She seems to be in a trance as she puts on the ring and stares at nothing.  He and Meryl run down the steps to get the cursed ring off her finger before something bad happens.

This book is hilarious!  The book is well written and the characters are relatable.  The storyline kept me laughing, but I did feel that the characters' conversations in their heads drug on at times, and at one point Ash turned into a bumbling teenager instead of a confident man.  Granny is a hoot!  She's the granny everyone wishes to grow up to be - with absolutely no filter.  

Great read!  Can't wait to see what curses will manifest for the remaining grandchildren. 

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