Thursday, June 10, 2021


Henry Carter was just handed a serious child custody case and thought the preliminary meeting would smoothly until he saw who was opposing counsel.   Alexander Williams, my mortal enemy who works for the law firm one floor down.

Alexander and Henry used to be friends until they managed to get the same sought-after internship.   Everything was going great until Alexander set Henry up to look like he was sleeping with one of the clients.  After he was fired everything became a competition between them.  When Henry secured Valedictorian that was the final nail and they have hated each other since.

Natalia is out on the town with her girlfriends when she steps out of the restaurant for a smoke.  As she's sitting trying to unwind she overhears a heated conversation with two hot men in front of the bar next door.  They are both tall men.  One is a perfect dirty blonde, tanned skin and eyes so dark they look black.  The other has dark brown hair and dark blue eyes.  They look like they stepped out of a Calvin Klein ad. 

But what really catches her attention is that they are both lawyers and she makes the quick decision to lure these two gorgeous men into her life.  A rich handsome lawyer falling in love with her is just what she needs to solve her problem.

I found this book to be very well written and the storyline interesting.   The characters are fully developed.  The only issue I had with the story was that at the beginning of the story Alexander and Henry were most definitely alpha males, but then all that changes and Natalia is the aggressor and the men have totally different personalities. 

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