Saturday, June 12, 2021

REVIEW - WTF ARE YOU THINKING? by Sarah Zoltan Authur

What was Rob, her ex-fiance, and his brother did at her sister's best friend's wedding reception?  Her ex-fiance, the man who had broken her heart, stomped it under his shoes and then put it through a grinder just a month before their wedding day.

Her grandmother raised her and her two sisters after their father died overseas and their mom took a hike.  And she was here in attendance so Lu couldn't make a scene at the reception even if she wanted.  So she is forced to dance the douchebag and hear him trying to excuse his behavior because he got scared.

Lu works remotely for an investment firm and is surprised when her boss calls her into the office for a meeting.  He wants her to check out a highly feasible investment opportunity.  A dude ranch in Arizona and that the arrangements have already been made - her flight is in a few hours.  A DUDE RANCH IN ARIZONA!  Is her boss crazy?  Do they think a DUDE RANCH is a good investment?

Her luck is not looking good.  They are flying through a supercell storm and not only is the sky super black, but the wind and rain are pelting them so hard from the sides.  It's the worst turbulence she's ever been through.   They are forced to land the plane in St. Louis where she overhears there had been a blown engine.  Great.

Three hours later she is boarded another plane heading to Phoenix.  Except she needs to be in Tucson.  She finally makes it to baggage claim only for her luggage to land on her toes, can't find a car rental counter, and has to take a cab only to find out there is only one car available.   A car without air conditioning in monsoon rain conditions so she can't roll down the windows for air.

As if her day hasn't been a total sh*tfest when she finally arrives at the dude ranch dragging her suitcase through gravel she opens the lobby door to find no other than Rob.  Rob, her ex-fiance.  Rob, who is thinking of purchase the dude ranch.  Rob, who asked for her specifically.   She has truly just landed in Hell.

I loved this book.  It is very well written and the characters are engaging.   I love Lu and her determination to keep from forgetting Rob despite the interference of both their families trying to help Rob get her back.  I love Rob and the lengths he goes to in order to apologize and get Lu back.

This book is romantic, hilarious, and full of action.  Highly recommend this book.

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