Saturday, June 26, 2021


Emily is fifteen-years-old and has attended ten schools in the last three years.  Ten.  She usually has to find a way to fit in, but this time is different because she got a scholarship to an elite school and everyone knew who she was.  Her dad, the military hero, died six months ago saving five lives...five that didn't include himself.

When she looks around the cafeteria and at the only open table is a beautiful lone boy.  His school uniform can't hide his muscular physique.   When sits down and introduces herself, he stands up, dumps his milkshake over her head, and walks away.

It's senior year and Josh is so glad to be leaving this hellhole they call a school.  Nothing but pretentious kids of celebrities and old money.  The only difference is her, the only one he hasn't been able to break.  None of his taunts or pranks have broken her.  She still has that blinding smile.

Emily is making spaghetti bolognaise, Trent's favorite.  She walks through the house making sure that things are perfect and in their place  - just like he wants it.  When she hears the keys in the lock, she runs to the kitchen and is horrified at the burned sauce.  She grabs a knife and prays that things will be different this time, but she knows it won't be.

He isn't happy with just beating her this time after starts to rape her.  She is not allowed to wear any underwear, she doesn't even own any anymore.  When she realizes she still has the knife in her hand she starts stabbing him in the neck. 

When he goes still, she pushes him off and gathers her few belongings and the letter and phone from Josh that she's kept hidden for the last seven years.  She walks out the door and leaves the home, prison, hellhole where she's lived for the last three years.

Let me that first that this book leaves you with a major cliffhanger.   That being said, I loved this book! 

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