Sunday, June 27, 2021

REVIEW - NEEDING DADDY by Vanessa Brooks

Penny is the only passenger left in arrival at London Heathrow, but there is a taxi driver holding a placard with her maiden name.  She's surprised that her husband isn't here to pick her up and approaches the driver.  When she speaks to him she doesn't recognize the address that he's supposed to deliver her to and turns to leave.  He stops her to find out where she'd like to go and agrees to drive her.

When she pulls her contacts up to call her husband she becomes alarmed when she recognizes none of the numbers.  Luckily, her sister's number is there and she gives her a ring.  Only a child answers the phone.  Who's Lucy?  And why did she call her Auntie?

When she arrives home she just stares.  Something isn't right and why is this woman in her house?  When she pushes past the woman heading for the kitchen she stops in her tracks.  Where is her kitchen?  What's going on here?  When her sister, Allie, picks her up her world gets even crazier.  Her gay sister is married to a man, Jack, and has two children, Tom and Lucy.   Can you have waking nightmares?

Allie had truly thought that she had leanings towards women until she met Jack and fell in love.  Although Jack was dominating in the bedroom he wasn't dominant.   He did enjoy spanking, but that's as far as it went.  He was way too nice to be a true dominant and she would never share her fantasies with him.  She didn't think she could handle the type of men in her books.

The next morning after sending Jack and the kids off, she takes a cup of tea up to her sister.  Penny is standing unnaturally still and it's not until she's beside her that she notices that Penny is holding a framed photo and crying.  Her sister is standing next to a handsome man in wedding attire, but that's not what leaves her gasping for air.  No, it's the photo of her sister and the handsome man along with her and a strange woman.......and her father who looks older than the last time she saw him....right before he and her mom had died.

After several days and her living nightmare still being her reality, Penny sits down with pen and paper and makes a list of everyone who knows David.  It's time to find her husband!

I loved this book!  This duet takes you totally outside the box of reality but is so well written that the duality is totally believable.   I loved all the characters in all their separate realms and how they were the same, but different.

The storyline is amazing and I was nervous to see how Penny's growing list of lies would come back and bite her.  This book is full of spankings and age-play, but not in a sick way.  The plot is intriguing and really makes you think what if? 

I totally recommend this series and will definitely be reading more books written by Vanessa Brooks!

NEEDING DADDY is book two of the CLAIMED BY DADDY Duet

Start reading NEEDING DADDY today!
Available in Kindle Unlimited!

Start reading the CLAIMED BY DADDY Duet today!
Available in Kindle Unlimited!

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