Thursday, June 24, 2021


Vadim is tired.  His nightmares don't seem to be getting better.  Ruslan is the only one who knows he suffers from PTSD.  He's sitting at one of the bars at the club, checking that no one is disrespecting any woman or trying to push drugs. This is one of the Bratva's legitimate businesses and although they do deal in drugs, they won't tolerate it here. 

As he's looking around he notices a girl who sticks out from the other women in the club.  Her dress is more conservative and she just looks lost standing there staring at the dance floor.

Daisy didn't know why she came to the club with the others.  It's obvious that she doesn't fit in.  She doesn't drink, do drugs, or dance.  She was trying to get the nerve to get on the dance floor to let someone know she was leaving when she is approached by a man.  He may be handsome, but he was definitely giving her creepy vibes,  but she's just not used to being around men so when he introduces himself as Jeff and offers to get her a drink she accepts.

The next thing she knows, two bouncers are there.  One grabbed my drink from me and the other grabbing the guy by the throat.   Although he denied it, they had him on camera roofying her drink.  She is shocked.  The one time she tries to act normal she gets drugged!

One of the bouncers leads her upstairs to Yuri's office to be seen by a nurse when an angry man comes in and slams his fist into the face of Jeff.   When Yuri says something in Russian, Jeff is dragged from the room. 

When Vadim finds out what Jeff has done he goes ballistic.   He drags him into another room and beats him to death.  There will be no warnings to leave her alone.  When Yuri notices how enthralled Vadim is with Daisy he warns him to keep away from her.  She is twenty years younger than him, but Vadim can't keep her out of his mind.  He may not be able to touch her, but he will make sure she's safe - even if it's from him.

I loved this book!  Daisy is a social misfit having been ignored most of her life by an uncaring cold mother and never having a father.  Vadim is part of the Bratva and has both endured and meted out violence his whole life, but the second he lays eyes on Daisy he becomes obsessed.

I love all the characters in this book.  You can taste Daisy's fear and the violence and possessiveness seeps from Valim's pores.  Vadim tries so hard to not to bring Daisy into his dangerous world, but his obsession finally gets the better of him.

The storyline is full of suspense and passion.   Daisy has to grow up fast and she is betrayed in a surprising twist.  This book is full of violence as you expected being a Bratva novel, but it goes much deeper.  My heart broke for Vadim, but Daisy's innocence seemed to heal his wounded soul.

I highly recommend this book.  There are triggers, but it is so worth the read.  Melody Adams has written another winner.



  1. What suspense could be left, you told half the story in your review. A review should be WHY you liked it, WHY you enjoyed the character and plot development, comments about the technical end of writing, and the arc of the story. Instead you bloggers RUIN the suspense because you decide to tell half the story to fill up pages. Two of you today alone have ruined books for me that I've purchased and was about to read. I don't want to know the story, I WANT TO KNOW WHY I SHOULD READ IT

    1. I am sorry you feel that way and hope that my review doesn't keep you from reading this book. It is a great book and worth the read. I try my best to not give spoilers, but will be more vigilant in the future.