Monday, June 21, 2021


Liam woke up sweating and panting from a nightmare he has endured his whole adult life.  Of him being dragged and beaten from his bed and the woman he loved and had just proposed to being tied up and taken from him.  The nightmare always ends the same way.   In total darkness, before he is able to rescue his fiance.  The dream seemed more real...and no longer just a fantasy.

Emily lived on the main floor of a beautiful converted two-story Victorian home in San Francisco.   The caretaker she was told lives in the unit upstairs.  As she is putting the key into the lock on her door she sees a gorgeous man approaching her from upstairs.   Her neighbor and caretaker, Liam Wesley, apologized for just meeting her as he had been out of town on business.

Emily was trying to ignore the ominous presence she felt since moving to San Francisco, but the feeling kept getting heavier every day.   She just hoped the spirit would stay hidden from Liam.  The thought of it latching on and tormenting someone close to her was unbearable.  It is bad enough that she is haunted.

Liam couldn't believe his eyes.  The moment he saw her as he came down the stairs his heart had almost stopped.  He had never met Emily before today as she was beyond beautiful and he would have remembered, but she has been in his dreams for years.   How is that possible?

I love love love this book!  It is full of mystery, intrigue, suspense, passion, and evil and the sex is pretty awesome, too!  🔥  This book is very well written and the storyline kept me turning the pages.  All of the characters are amazing and I felt drawn into the story and their lives.

I loved how their friends always had their back and were more determined than ever to win this fight since it was so personal.   This is the first book I've read written by Temperance Dawn, but it won't be the last.  Awesome book!

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