Thursday, June 10, 2021

REVIEW - SLEEPING WITH THE ENEMY by Lindsey Hart & Rose Chapman

These four novels in this box set are not sold individually but are each a stand-alone novel having no character crossovers.   I laughed so hard through all four books and highly enjoyed them all! 


Stella needs fifty grand.  She has to buy out her ex-boyfriend's portion of her bakery or her dreams will disappear.   They broke up and he wants his investment so it's either get a loan or sell to pay him back.

Her brother, Sam, wants her to ask his best friend Hal.  Her answer is HELL NO!  She'd rather lose everything than to owe him anything. 

Hal is an investment broker.  After growing up with nothing and getting a scholarship into college he realized is was great at math and even better at investments.

I loved this book!!!   I love Sam and Hal's relationship and the childish ways they still act towards each other.  Shows how deep their friendship is.

This book is hilarious!  The chemistry between Stella and Hal is wonderful.   Her snarkiness and him egging her on.  The storyline and characters are wonderful.   I highly recommend this book!


Toys are Wilder's life.  Years before he was born his father's toy inventions made it big and Wilder has inherited the love of toys and helps out in the business.   But he also collects toys.  He has a love for old toys.  Antique toys especially antique toy cars.  His sisters say it's an obsession.   

There is one car he wants to add to his collection.   THE.ONE.CAR. that he has been looking for over 15 years.   There are only two known to be in existence. 

When he sees THE.CAR that has been loaned to a museum he writes to the owner.  He is now outside Silas Graham's door after receiving a mysterious response to his letter.  Silas is a 92-year-old man who agrees to Wilder receiving the car, but on his terms.....he has to move in with Silas's great-granddaughter, Esme.  Be her roommate for at least six months and the car is his free and clear.

Esme's opens the door to tall, built, and handsome and knows her Pappy S is AGAIN  trying to set her up.

This book is hilarious from the start.  I love the characters two and four-legged alike....or maybe eight legs.  "Up.  Up.  Up.  Look at Wilder lift the desk up."  I would have loved to be a fly on the wall watching Wilder attempt to move that desk or more aptly a spider on the wall.

I love Esme and all her quirky expressions.   Her girlfriends are a perfect support system, but Pappy S is priceless.   I want him to be my great-grandfather even with all his schemes.   Wilder takes all Esme's pets in stride although Hector might be a bit too much.

I totally enjoyed this book even if Esme got long-winded in her head at times.  The book is funny, quirky and a totally enjoyable read.


At the reading of his grandfather's will, Finn finds out that in order to receive his inheritance he has to spend six months on a Kansas farm to prove he cares about his grandfather's company.  A company he has worked his butt off at for the last nine years.  The man had to have been senile!

As he pulls up to the farmhouse in the matchbox-sized car his 6'4" is squeezed into he takes everything in horror.  Then a tiny woman runs out of the barn, the only building worth mentioning, in muck boots and overalls covered in ... well, he didn't want to think too much on that.  If that's not bad enough a huge dog charges at him and starts humping his leg.  HE HAS ARRIVED IN HELL.

Becki knew that Finn would rather be anywhere than he was now standing, but that was the point of him being there.  His grandfather had been concerned that the business was Finn's whole life and he was concerned about his workaholic lifestyle and not being aware of anything outside of designing motorhomes. 

I loved this book.  Becki is hilarious as she has full-on conversations with her rescue animals.  Finn's experiences learning the farm and meeting the animals will keep you entertained.  The bedroom scenes are smoking hot I loved the storyline.   There wasn't a lot of angst in this story just Finn adjusting from life in New York to a farm in Kansas. 

HATING THE BEST MAN by Rose Chapman 

Carla is so excited that her best friend Hayley chose is have her wedding in Hawaii.  She has all the events planned for the females of the wedding party and just needs to finalize plans for the mixers with the best man.  Thank God that Drew's original choice of best man couldn't make it because that would totally ruin her week.

As she enters the foyer where she's supposed to meet the happy couple she comes to a complete halt not believing her eyes.   NO, this can't be happening!  Why is he hugging her and why is he grabbing scissors?  And now on top of having to have an emergency haircut appointment, she needs to complete some of his best man duties?

Damon doesn't understand what the big deal is about cutting her hair out of his watch.  Carla is cute, spunky, and hellishly sexy, all wrapped up in a sweet, enchanting bundle of evil.  He knows his parents want him to butter her up so they can propose a business deal, but he plans to sabotage a few of her events first.

I have to admit that at first I was appalled with Damon and found him to be the worst a$$hole and douchebag, but I came to realize like Carla I had misjudged his character.  I seriously could not stop laughing through this whole book!  Trying to one-up each other on bridal events along with denying any sabotage attempts. 

I loved the characters and the energy they have.  These friends are the ones everyone wants who get up to just fun-loving pranks, but will protect your back in a fight.  Others are just in need of serious white jackets never to see the light of day again.

HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!!  The storyline is funny, the characters are well developed, and is it well written with a wonderful bow to wrap it all up!  Can't wait to read more by Rose Chapman!

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