Monday, June 21, 2021


Robbie owns a garage and he is trying to trudge through the paperwork when he sees a work order missing charges.  He is so pissed that Mack is giving discounts to get girls to go out with him.  Despite the snowstorm, his pregnant sister comes in and runs him away from the paperwork before he does too much damage.  He hates it, but he has to hire someone to help in the office.  Not only has his sister taking over the bookstore from their dad, but after her twins are born she's going to have even more on her plate.

Cassie found herself back living with her parents and working in her mom's flower shop until she can find another job.   The last thing she wanted to be doing right now was making flower arrangements for a bridal shower.  She's had all the wedding planning she can take for a while.  When she hears that her college roommate is looking for someone to take over the books for her brother's shop she gives her a call.  It's hard to heal when everything around you brings back painful memories.  She needs to get out of town.

I loved this book!  It is very well written and the characters will keep you laughing.  It is hilarious what these guys will find to bet on.  Cassie and Robbie both have horrible past experiences that they have to overcome and trust issues that seemed to be insurmountable, but their sexual attraction can't be denied.

The storyline kept my interest and the interactions between all the different family dynamics were interesting.   I absolutely loved Jake...and Killian....I have another author to add to my favorites and look forward to reading more books by Frankie Page. 

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