Tuesday, June 22, 2021


His target, Terry Rynsberger, is supposed to be alone.  Not only is he not alone, but he can't stop staring at the woman standing next to his target.  She is simply stunning.  It was supposed to be simple.  Get in, make it look like a suicide, get into the safe and collect his payment in the form of a diamond choker.

A diamond choker valued at 2.4 million dollars is called the Claimed Princess.  But, Terry knows he's after the choker and Rourke watches in horror as his target laughs as he snaps the choker around the woman's neck.  Because there's a reason this choker is so special.  Once it is locked around a neck it doesn't come off.  It was designed with a lock that is specifically designed and is un-pickable.  You can't break the lock without destroying the piece and there is only one key...a key Terry doesn't have.

When the hitman slams her over his shoulder and leaves Leah is scared to make a sound.  Scared of what he'll do to her, but mostly because who would hear her?  It's really sad that she finds this position preferable to the situation that happened before he arrived.  Her boss is a nightmare.  Except now she's being kidnapped!

Leah knew being a personal assistant to one of the richest men in San Francisco was too good to be true because Terry Rynsberger was a nightmare and a predator.   At first, it was to demand about how she dressed.  That she had to be sexy when she traveled with him to meetings.  Threatening to fire her if she didn't meet his demands.  Then came the touching.  Just small things at first and then she tripped over a computer folder that she needed to verify before deleting and wished she had never opened it.  Because he was a true predator.   He was a sex slave trafficker.

I loved this book.  In true Jagger Cole style, it is smoking hot!  This is an insta-love, age gap love story.  I couldn't put the book down.  It is full of action and suspense.  Rourke may be a hitman, but his invisible past made him that way.  Leah sees through his violent layers to the man beneath all scars.

The is a very well-written fast-paced book.  I love the characters.  You know you've found a great author when you can connect with the characters like you are part of their story.  I can see this book on the big screen.  I'd be the first ticket sold.

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