Tuesday, June 1, 2021

REVIEW - CAPTURE by Penny Reid

Six months ago Kaitlyn broke up with Martin.  She gave him an ultimatum.   To help her find a way to keep his father from ruining her mom's Senatorial career or they were done.  She hated that his determination to ruin his father by waiting out the four months until his twenty-first birthday was keeping him from doing the right thing.

Six months that she hasn't spoken to her mom for putting her in this position to begin with.  Part of it had to do with her not wanting to see her mom's disappointment that she had changed her major from chemical engineering to music.   Because Martin was right about one thing she had to follow her passion.

It was nine months since she had broken up with Martin and as she is playing the piano at an event she has the sense that she is being watched and tries to discreetly check out the crowd.  And then she sees him staring a hole in her...Martin. 

When Martin shows up at the coffee shop she works at to help with living expenses she is confused when he wants to negotiate for them to be friends.   Confused because he made it clear he could never be friends with her if they ever broke up.  She was even more confused when he got angry that she hadn't read any of his interviews since they broke up.

I loved this book!  It was the perfect ending to Kaitlyn and Martin's story.  The characters are all well developed so you feel you personally know each of them.  The storyline for this trilogy catches you from page one in the series and flows smoothly from book to book through all their trials to get to their HEA.

This book is sexy and the sex is smoking hot.  Kaitlin's insecurities with her appearance, sexual experience, and music are endearing.   Martin is plain out sex on a stick with an attitude.  I can almost feel Martin's teeth through the pages.  I'm glad he didn't grow up to be a douchebag considering you monsters he called a mother, father, and stepmother. 

Please don't be put off that this is a three-book story because it is amazing and so worth reading.  I will definitely be reading more books written by Penny Reid!

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