Sunday, June 6, 2021

REVIEW - MALCOLM by Skylar West

Malcolm was in the gallery of his father's estate glancing over the faces of the past Fitzwilliam men in the family.  Men that he just found out were not his family.  He had been adopted and his real mother was being now in the Edinburgh Clinic after trying to kill Laughlin...his half-brother.

He still can't believe the events that lead him to kidnap Laughlin's fiance.  Events guided by a mother that until recently he had no idea existed until she approached him to tell him he was adopted and she was his mother.

Octavia had been a yoga instructor for ten years and she needed a sabbatical.   It was time for her to make a change.  In a few days, she was leaving for Scotland to see her friend Suri.   She has sorely missed her the last three months but was happy that Suri had found love.

So when Suri called and asked her to move her trip forward because she was getting married in three days she made the jump.  She was looking forward to the next chapter in her life.

Malcolm may own gyms throughout Europe and worked out regularly but he was finding out he was in need of more cardio as Laughlin was putting him through the paces sparring.  While he was having a hard time breathing Laughlin wasn't breaking a sweat.

He was surprised when Suri asked him to pick up her friend from the airport, but he agreed to do so.  Octavia couldn't seem to take her eyes off the gorgeous man who picked her up from the airport.  She's never had such an instant sexual connection and deep attraction to someone when first meeting.

I loved this book. This is the second book in the Crown & Cross series and it is told with multiple POVs.  I love all the characters in this story.   They are full of life and passion.  We get further into Suri and Laughlin's romance with their wedding celebration which gives more insight to their Canadian friends.

It is instant love between Octavia and Malcolm.  Octavia balks at first to Malcolm's dominant nature but soon realizes that this is what had been missing from her life.  The passion and steamy hot sex between these guys jump off the page.

This book has multiple twists and is full of intrigue as the Templar mystery is finally solved.  There are so many moving parts in this story, but Skylar West expertly weaves them together.  The book is very well written and the storyline is very in-depth bringing both LAUGHLIN and MALCOLM together seamlessly.

I highly recommend this book and if you haven't read anything by Skylar West then you are missing out.

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