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Asher Bailey and Grace Miles have been best friends their whole life.  She is truly the girl next door and they had been inseparable until Grace went away for college.

Asher and his four brothers had been raised by their Gram after their parents died when the boys were young.  Gram had some Native American blood and had spirit animals for each of the boys.  Asher was Bear and Grace was Gracie Bear.  

Asher was looking forward to his juvenile record being cleared after he had gotten arrested and charged with a felony after getting into a fight a few years ago and broke the guy's arm.  Ever since the death of his parents in an electrical fire his goal was to become a Fire Inspector, but until these records cleared he had to wait.  So he volunteered for the Tillicum Fire Department and studied jiu-jitsu.

Grace was on break from college and Asher was watching her arrive from his bedroom window.   When he realizes that she broke up with her college boyfriend he decides to rectify the mistake he made years ago.  He has always loved Grace, but hesitated to ask her out because of how close their families were.  How would their families react if they had broken up?  He'd been too scared then, but he realizes he has to give it a chance because Grace is it for him.  Now to convince Grace.

Every time Grace comes home from college she fills unsettled like things never move forward especially since she has no clue what she wants to do with her life.  As she looks around her childhood bedroom nothing has changed.  Until she sees her photos displayed everywhere.  She had missed her mom and young brother, Elijah, while away at college, but most of all she missed Asher.  

They used to be so close, but now they rarely saw each other and what used to be so easy now felt awkward.   She wished they could refind that closeness.  She had deliberately gone to college out of town since it hurt too much watching Asher with his girlfriend when they were in high school.   It made her realize she couldn't watch him be with someone else. 

When Asher finally asked Grace out he was excited to find out that she was also in love with him and he was looking for the perfect time to propose.   Grace and Asher were out celebrating and playing pool with a few guys from the fire department and their girlfriends.  When the guys went to the bar to refill their drinks she decided to guard the pool table as the other girls went to the restroom.   

And then her nightmare began.  She was pulled into the back alley by the guys who had been fighting with Asher and the other firefighters.  As they were attempting to gang-rape her she fills arms pulling her to safety.  Only when she is pulled out of the alley does she realize there are policemen everywhere.  And Asher is in cuffs.

Asher?  Who was defending her.  Their nightmare has just begun. 

This book is the first book of Asher and Grace's story and the beginning of the Bailey Brothers series.  It leaves you with a gut wrenching cliffhanger.  My heart breaks for Asher.  I loved this book even with the cliffhanger.   The characters are amazing and I love the Town of Tillicum!

We have a town feud between two families that has gone on for generations and no one seems to remember why, but the Baileys and the Havens take every opportunity to one up the other with pranks.  It is so serious that there is two of everything and depending on whose side you were on is which establishment you entered.

We have thieving squirrels and a mysterious treasure.  We have a barbershop statue of a vintage girl blowing bubbles and wearing fishnet stockings and.....a beard.

This book is also available as an audiobook.  The narrators for Asher and Grace are Aaron Shedlock and Samantha Cooke.  I loved Samantha Cooke's narrative for Grace, but I really had a problem with Aaron Shedlock.  At first I was okay since he was after all narrating as an eleven-year-old boy, but the tone didn't change as he grew into a man.  It was like he was gasping at the end of each sentence.  

Although it didn't bother me enough that I didn't totally enjoy hearing the story being read to me.  I have read this book previously and somehow hearing it read gives you a better perspective to the story.  I highly recommend this book in written and audiobook formats!  

Please don't let this being a cliffhanger keep you from reading not only this book, but the complete series.  It starts out slow, but Asher and Grace are children so it is expected, but when it gathers speed get ready to pull out the kleenex. 


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