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His brother, Justin, had been gone for a week with no word, but the blaring music could be heard in the funeral home letting them know he was back.  As Vincent looks through the house for his brother her finds a brochure, for the same prognosis that had killed their mother.

But, Justin decided to end it all and not put his brother through what they went through with their parents and he pushes in the plunger.   That's when Vincent notices another thrown behind the toilet.   Justin plans to overdose.   Vincent runs for the bedroom and grabs a gun - he can't let his brother suffer through the nightmare of an overdose.  So he pulls the trigger.

Kora's mother loved playing up the mother/daughter image.  To the point of having her daughter wear the same outfit and hairstyle.  It didn't matter that she was eighteen now.  Now was the time to let her know she won a scholarship to a college in California.   Her father, Sheriff Mike, had helped her with the application, even if she couldn't let her mother know.

But, of course, her mother would never allow her that freedom because she was never allowed any freedom.   It was Halloween and tricker-treaters were in the flower shop getting candy.  She had never been tricker-treating and yet here were kids ten years younger getting a freedom that her mother made sure she never enjoyed.  Treating her like a rare flower that will die if not under her constant supervision. 

She thought her dad would talk her mother into letting her go.  When she didn't budge, Kora found out her dad's true feelings for her and why he was more interested in his job as sheriff.  I needed air before she threw up and her father shouted for her to get out so she ran to the viewpoint across the street.

As she grabs the railing, she notices she's not alone.  

Innocence & Ashes takes you to the beginning of Cruelty & Fire, giving you the full stories behind Justin's death and Kora's fight with her parents, and then heads back to where their story ended in book one.

I loved this book!  If you have triggers, this book isn't for you.  It is very well written and the characters are wonderful in their insanity.  Kora may not have been physically bound, but she had been imprisoned by her parents her whole life.  Vincent's fascination with death began with the death of his parents but took a darker turn after inheriting his uncle's funeral home.

This series is action-packed and full of intrigue and suspense.  It is full of torture, murders, corruption, betrayal, obsession, and steamy hot sex.   Vincent's only wish was to set Kora free and was willing to kill her to make it happen. 

Audrey Rush writes about damaged, warped men where the heroines somehow find that one redeemable quality and she does an amazing job pulling it all together.  I could not put this book down.  The storyline is dark but compelling.  The characters came to life and I could fill the heat as it all came burning down.  Great story!

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