Friday, June 4, 2021

REVIEW - CATWALK by Nicole Gabor

When Catherine told her parents that she was moving to New York City to be a model instead of going to college you would have thought she told them their family dog had died.  When she arrived at the bus station she was so nervous she thought she was going to throw up until a commotion drew her attention to a man in the waiting area.  A man smooching the glass with a sign that said DON'T FORGET THE LITTLE PEOPLE.  Her crazy friend Benji.  She smiled as she boarded the bus.

Her roommate in New York told her she was going to show her the ropes and took her to a nondescript nightclub.   The next thing she knows the ceilings are dripping she is so dizzy and throwing up.  Then a man in the restroom asks if the little green men were hers.  Someone had slapped an LSD patch onto the black of her thigh. 

I really enjoyed this book.  It is told totally from Catherine's POV.  I'm not tall, but I totally feel for Catherine and her being bullied through school because of her gangliness and tall height.   Even with her duckling to swan transformation, her naivete about the workings in modeling could have been detrimental. 

Even though Catherine ends up with Benji and you know she's going to get her HEA, this story is really about Catherine exposing the modeling profession in their unethical practices and abuse of young children who are told it is what they need to do in order to make it in the modeling world.

This book is very well written and the storyline kept my attention. The characters were all well defined and you can feel all excitement, frustration, disappointment, discomfort, disgust coming off the pages.  Small-town girl making it big in the fashion industry and then exposing its flaws so others can avoid what she had to endure. 

I definitely recommend this book and look forward to reading more by Nicole Gabor.

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