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New Life Series

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Molly is kidnapped by aliens in the night after Christmas and is ransomed to Charlie. We follow Molly’s struggle through her kidnapping as she learns the true reasons behind why she’s there and what this could mean for her future. Charlie fights to track her down and bring her home, only for his plans to go awry as he struggles to find solutions to new problems so everyone can live happily.

All these books are connected by a series of events, starting with Charlie learning of his adoption and real parents, which leads us to space.


What is the sub-genre and trope?  Did your characters lead you to this genre or was that decided before the story began?

The series is YA Sci-fi, which was decided before the story began. 

For the most part, this series is about found families, friendships, and finding your purpose and light in a dark universe. It’s a series meant to inspire young readers to keep fighting for their dreams, no matter how impossible they seam.

Are you more character or plot driven?

I suppose I would say plot driven, but the characters can easily bring me off task at times. When the characters veer off and add something I hadn’t planned, more often than not I can bring the story back on track with the plot line.


With many main and secondary characters, how do you keep them separated in your mind?  Do you have a story/vision board above your workspace?

I have small journals for each of my book series with all of my characters and their traits written down so I can easily keep track. I call them my series bibles. 

I also write down the planets and other things about the series that I need to keep track of so I don’t mix up details.


I know from previous interviews that characters take on a life of their own.  Were any of the characters in this series determined to take their own direction instead of where you initially wanted them to go?

So far in this series, not quite. 

Zaynt may be the only one who’s starting to take a different direction than I meant. He’s the hard ninja of the group, never letting emotions get the better of him, but he’s softening up and letting people in more and more as the series progresses and I’m beginning to think that when his book rolls around, he may be a completely different person.


Are any of the male POVs based on anyone you know?

Charlie was based on my baby brother, so he’s got his kind heart, fighting spirit, and lasting friendships.


Are any of the female POVs based on anyone you know?

Molly was based on my baby sister so she’s got her sass, determination, and kind heart.


Was there any one character/scene that was harder to write about than the other?

Molly has by far been the most difficult of the three books in this series so far. She’s much more emotional than the boys were, her situation much more taxing mentally and emotionally. It wasn’t intended to be so, but that changed when I began writing. 

Molly being a young girl trying to sort where her life is going, she’s ruled by her heart and emotions, so there were times when I cried or had to walk away because it became a bit much. 

I didn’t have such issues with writing the boys. They’re all righteous anger and determination.


What is your favorite book in the series? 

I loved Ethan’s book a lot, it had a lot of laughs and heartfelt moments that really showed the characters strength of friendships. 

Molly may be my favorite when it comes to story though. Her story is so odd that it’s hard to pinpoint what it is about it that makes it so loveable, but her book has been a turning point in this series for me, so it has a special place in my heart.


I know that we aren’t supposed to have “favorites” as far as our children, but seriously, who’s your favorite character and why?

Ethan is probably my favorite character. He’s the goofy one of the group who always finds a way to make light of a situation. He’s got a heart of gold in there too and he’s always there for his friends, but his positive attitude and quick wit make him so fun to be around.


Series question - Who is your favorite couple and why did you decide on their dynamics?

That’s tough. Charlie and Areyvah are great, she’s soft and sweet, always thinking of him as much as he is of others. She takes care of him when he forgets about himself. 

Ethan and Layanna though, they’re probably the best as far as dynamic. Ethan is the lightheartedness that Layanna needs, and she’s the quieter, softer side that Ethan tries to hide. They both help each other cope with their struggles in bringing out those hidden sides and it’s really great to see them grow to their full potential in that way.


How do you get inside these character’s heads to find their perfect HEA?

Sometimes it takes a bit to really get into a characters mind, and Molly was tricky. She fought me a bit. 

Charlie just needed to know he had support, that he could choose himself over others and not be punished just this once. It was still tough for him, but he managed it, and in the end, it’s worked out well since he now has two families to love. 

For Ethan, he needed that sense of purpose, friendship, and something to work toward. Without Charlie around on Earth to plan a future with, he was lost. 

Molly knows what she wants to be, even when she’s unsure, but she struggles with relationships. She has few friends, and never any boys in her life. Now she’s got both and even though it’s overwhelming, she’ll be stronger and happier for it.


What scene in this book/series sticks out the most for you?  Why?

For Molly’s book, I believe the scene that sticks out the most is Charlie’s decision to change The Nobodies lives and bring them to the good side. Not only does he change the lives of anyone they have contact with as well, but he now as more people and resources to help him and Ethan in their future endeavors. They don’t know it just yet, but joining forces with criminals was the best decision they ever made.


Series - Were any of the books harder to write than others?

Molly’s was the hardest emotionally. 

The next book will probably be even worse for me to write because it’s going to be extremely emotional and personal for the characters in play. 

Charlie’s was hard to write because it wasn’t as suspenseful or as adventurous as the others were planned to be, it was just the beginning. Each book has its challenges, but so far, Molly was by far the biggest pain in my butt.


This question is if you write in MULTIPLE POVs not just the hero and heroine - I love the multiple POVs in a book.  It’s not just the hero and heroine, but we get inside the heads of multiple characters throughout this series.  I feel that it gives the story further depth.  Do you think you will write another book or series following this multiple POV outline?

Oh definitely, I love writing multi POV because of the rounded feel to the story that it gives us. Seeing all sides of a story can be absolutely amazing and hard to achieve with one POV. I love getting to see the thoughts and feelings of each character in certain situations and I plan to continue all my series in multi POV if possible.


How long did it take you to write this book/series?

Since I flip back and forth between other series as well, it’s taken me a couple years to get these first 3 out. I still have 2 more books planned. If I wasn’t bouncing between series, I could have the series finished this year, most likely, but I like the bouncing back and forth. Keeps things interesting and keeps me from getting bored with one series or character.


How did you come up with the title for your book and series?

With this series, it was all about the theme. 

Each character, each book, gives our kids something new for their life. Charlie gains an entirely new life on another planet. Ethan finds a mission for his future, to help others. Molly solidifies her dream and sets to work for it. 

These kids are essentially each getting a new life, a chance to work towards something greater than themselves, so I went with the New Life series. It’s a whole new life for all of them among the stars in the end.


If you met these characters in real life would you get along?

I would like to think so, even if only for a bit. They all have a lot of strength and goals pushing them forward and I love that. I would love to joke around with Ethan and learn some combat skills from Zaynt. These are kids I would have loved to chill with as a teen, so yeah, I think we could get along okay.


Series question – Did you know in advance that you were going to write this as a series or did one of the characters in book one demand their own story?

I knew it would be a series, I had planned it as such. 

Originally I only had three stories, Charlie, Ethan, and Molly. Ethan’s book took me for a spin by adding in little Shannon and her lost friend Maya, so we’ll be adding Shannon’s book as book 4. 

Zaynt will get his own story as book 5 and he’ll wrap up the series in a massive way. I don’t know what it is yet, but I’ll get there.


If your book/series were made into a movie, which actors do you see as playing your characters?

I have no idea. I don’t know actors, so I can’t really answer that question.


Can you give us a hint as to what we can expect next?  Whether a new book and series or a sequel to an existing series?  Can you share a small tease?

After Molly, I will eventually write Shannon’s story as she tries to free Maya from the terrible tormentor who holds her captive. 

After Shannon’s book, we’ll follow Zaynt as he plans to destroy The Reapers operations once and for all. 

With so many of my author friends writing reverse harem, I’ve been debating it for a long time, so in Molly’s book, I wrote The Nobodies as a reverse harem group and I’m strongly considering writing a side series or novella for them to test it out. I’m not sure what I’ll do just yet, possibly write about how they got together and maybe even some of the previous heists and kidnappings they pulled off before Molly and Charlie changed their lives. I’m not sure, yet. 

I already have one Christmas novella for this series based after Ethan and there’s always a possibility for other holiday shorts, so we’ll see!



Melissa Smith is a stay at home mom and wife living in Missouri, where she's spent her entire life. She writes for the joy of it and is passionate about her sharing her stories with the world.

She likes to write steamy romances and strange sci-fi. Her writing interests are almost as diverse as her reading interests. She currently writes Contemporary Romance, Sci-fi Romance, and YA Sci-fi. Her YA Sci-fi series was written for her baby sister, but she's enjoying writing those stories just as much as her others.

When she's not writing or proofreading for others (or wrangling her daughter) she's reading some sort of fiction, whether it's romance, paranormal, suspense, or sci-fi. As long as it's interesting.

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Charlie is just your average teenage boy living a normal life. Until it flips upside down. Learning you're adopted is hard enough but learning that your parents are genius scientists that are labeled crazy for their work? That's an entirely new level of insane. Add on the bombshell of learning that what you've been taught to believe about the universe is wrong, and you've got one heck of a headache. When Charlie gets an opportunity to meet with his real parents and get his answers, they not only change his life and world view, but they also give him a choice. A choice that will irrevocably change his life. *Charlie's New Life is the first book in my YA Sci-fi series where you go on adventures in space and follow our teens through struggles, disappearances, and then watch them come up with amazing plans to solve big problems. Young people can do some amazing things when given the opportunity! This book has aliens, new worlds, minor cussing and lots of heartfelt struggle for our main character.*

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The Reapers exist and they don’t discriminate. They also don’t always let their victims live.

It’s been over six months since Ethan has seen his best friend, Charlie. Doubt and worry that he’ll never see him again begin to creep in when Charlie makes his sudden appearance. With big offers and promises of dreams fulfilled, how can Ethan say no?

Getting kidnapped, waking up on a cold metal slab, and shoved into slavery was not on the agenda for the weekend vacation in space Ethan was promised.

Is Ethan strong enough to handle what will be thrown his way?

Will he manage to get free and put his new outrageous idea into motion?

*Ethan’s New Mission is the second installment in the New Life series that contains some cussing and dark themes that some may find troubling. This book also features amazing adventures, aliens, challenging situations, and immense growth for our characters.*

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Invisible. That's how Molly felt with Charlie as her brother growing up.

Until he went ‘missing’. Now she just wants to go back to being invisible, to get away from the constant condolences, and get back to studying. She wants to find her place in the universe, help people in more ways than she is, and Charlie can help her get there. But he refuses to take her into space.

Molly gets her wish, just not how she hoped. Being a pawn in someone else's game is not how she wanted to spend her time in space. Although, it has brought to life a dream that she will do anything to make into reality.

When Molly disappears, all Charlie gets is a ransom and a warning that if he refuses to comply, Molly will take her only space walk. He’s refused to bring her into his world to keep her safe, and now she’s in danger.

All Molly can do now is wait and hope that Charlie can find her wherever she is among the trillions of stars before something goes wrong.

Will Charlie be able to find Molly before she’s left to float forever among the stars?

Will Molly make it out of this endeavor alive and turn her dream into reality?

*Molly's New Dream is the third installment of the New Series and they must be read in order. There are some dark themes and cussing that some may find troubling as well medical content that may be difficult to read if queasy. Please read at your own risk.*

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