Monday, May 31, 2021

REVIEW - HEAT by Penny Reid

This is book two of the Elements of Chemistry series and the continued story of Kaitlyn and Martin.  Book one ended with Martin acting weird just before the party.  He had one of his friends escort her and then left her in the crowd and then she catches him kissing someone else.  So much for him being her date and him wanting them to be a couple.

Kaitlyn is having a hard time concentrating when Martin touches her so in order for them to get to know each other better she has enacted No-Touch Tuesday.   Something Martin is not at all happy with, but she is determined that if they are going to make them work they need to get to know each other better....not just physically. 

This book gave me all the feels even hate.  Martin's father and stepfather are pure evil.  I loved how Kaitlyn and Martin broke down each other's barriers and opened their self up to love.

I hated it coming down to the decision of her saving her mother's dreams and his determination to destroy his father.  Looking forward to seeing how the writer gets Martin back into Kaitlin's good graces.

You have to read this as a series.  It is not a standalone book, but you won't be disappointed.  Amazing story. 

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