Wednesday, May 19, 2021

REVIEW - THE REAL NOT-WIVES OF RED ROCK CANYON by Megan Walker & Janci Patterson

Emily was in the canyons of Utah since she seems to have inherited producing her boyfriend Jason's YouTube show Jason Climbs Sh!t after his previous producer was hired for a much better gig of a dating reality show.  As a social media marketing contractor, it's right up her alley.

Until she sees all that it takes to set up for the reality show in which Jason is teaching rock climbing to all the mavens of the show The Real Not-Wives of Red Rock Canyon

She is beginning to feel that her relationship with Jason is becoming stagnant after dating for two years and them still not living together, but she doesn't need to hear advice from one of the 'non-wives' that working with her significant other leads to being taken advantage of.

Jason realizes the conversation he just had with Emily about moving in together didn't go well, but he wasn't sure why.  When she suggested they move in together he was surprised that she was willing to since she was so ultra-organized and he...wasn't, but if it was his choice he would spend all his time with her.  She was his happy place.

When Emily finally confronts Jason in their tent they have a heated discussion with him being totally confused and appalled that she had been unhappy for months and he had no clue.  After they agreed to figure out how to communicate better he leaves the tent only to catch the camera crew sneaking away.  Now he had to tell Emily their life was getting ready to be televised.

O.M.G.!  I absolutely died laughing reading this book...along with some crying.   These Not-Wives are historical in their divaness and cattiness towards each other.

After Jason and Emily's fight being caught by the production crew they were told they needed to have 'therapy' sessions with Monroe.  Jason's insecurities about being worthy of Emily are brought to light in the most spectacular fashion.

I highly recommend this book!  The characters (and some of them truly are characters) are fully defined and the storyline is hilarious.   It is so well written that I felt I had a front-row seat to all the action!  Another great story by Megan Walker and Janci Patterson.

I have just learned a piece of trivia about this writing duo!  They are both collectors of Barbie dolls and have a collection for all their books.  I'm sorry but this is so awesome!  

So let's meet Jason and Emily (Barbie style)!  🥰

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