Saturday, May 22, 2021

REVIEW - WHEN WE FELL by Megan Walker & Janci Patterson


Blake was approached at a surfing competition and told he had the 'Hollywood Look'.  He agreed to an audition as a joke.  He is now faced with having his first movie kiss and sex scene with his childhood actress crush and he is feeling beyond intimidated.

They've been Hollywood's IT couple for a year and a half when Kim throws up all over his shoes on the Red Carpet for his upcoming movie and finds out they are expecting.  Kim has always been a list maker, but now all she can think about is if she is doing the right thing.  She becomes more neurotic as the years pass and the stress is putting a strain on their relationship and marriage.

Blake doesn't know how to make Kim happy.  All he seems to be able to do is make her miserable.  So when she asks if he wants a divorce he says 'yes'.  Maybe someone else can give her what she needs to make her happy.  He is obviously the problem, he just has to let her go and be happy.

Regardless of how this book ends it is amazing!  The characters are well-rounded and the story, although heartbreaking, is well written.  The characters are relatable and the emotion flows off the pages.

I highly recommend this book and look forward to reading more books by Megan Walker & Janci Patterson.

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