Saturday, April 3, 2021


Las Palmas was an exclusive private BDSM club held on a huge private estate. The huge converted barn was elegant in it's decorations. When the 3 owners of the property, Overseers, arrived they stated that everyone had gotten complacent and they were changing it up with a game. 

All the Masters and Doms would get a letter - from A to Z and they would have 30 days to complete the task with the slave or sub also assigned that letter.

A is for Anna

Anna was wondering what Dom would arrive for her as she knew her present Dom would be enraged to share her, but since he had not collared her she had to obey any Dom. The Dom arrived in a suit and a fedora hat which hid his identity. 

She felt something cold on her chest and was curious as to what is was since she had been commanded to close her eyes. When she opened her eyes she saw a scarlet "A". The Dom finally removed his fedora to find that Master Jansen stood before her...her Dom.  Who disguised himself well in the suit since he was always in jeans without a shirt.

The story between Anna and Jensen took a surprising and unexpected romantic twist at the end of the book. I totally enjoyed this book and can't wait to see what letter "B" has in store.

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