Saturday, April 17, 2021

REVIEW - DERANGED by Monica Corwin

Kory was downing shots when a gorgeous man sat next to her.  He had doctor written all over him, but she really didn't care.  She had 12 more hours of freedom before giving her mother a six-month break from bailing her out.  And a quickie in the back of his SUV was just what she needed.

Ash was starting his new position at a mental facility today as a favor for a friend.  It helped that the pay was amazing.  It was nice not having to share an office with anyone anymore.  He is browsing through the patient files when he hears a disturbance.  He looks up from the confusing file to see what is going on.  Evidently, a celebrity patient just arrived.

Although the nurse suggests that he let her sleep it off he decides to check on her.  And finds something that could end his career.  The woman he had sex with last night is the new patient. 

Kory was the daughter of a Missouri Senator and she had 12 hours before she was locked away for another six months.  

What a great book.  Kory and Ash are wonderful together.  They have wonderful chemistry and what they are each willing to give up for each other shows how deep they love each other.  But, my heart breaks for Kory and all she suffered at her mother's hands.  

You would think that Kory would have been the "deranged", but no that title goes directly to her mother.  I am really upset that Kory's mom not only got away with her crimes but also was able to keep some control of Kory.  Sorry....that woman should have had a horrible death!

I highly recommend this book and will be reading more books by Monica Corwin.

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