Wednesday, April 21, 2021


Arabella wasn't happy to be arriving in Black Mountain to live with her aunt, but it was the only choice given to her in order to stay out of jail.  After the death of her father, she had gotten out of control.  Or more out of control. 

Elian's body buzzed in shock after a body slammed into him.  He left Miami to teach at Black Mountain Academy.  But, he had other reasons besides teaching for being here.

I absolutely loved this book.  Everyone has secrets.  Arabella has secrets.  Elian has secrets.  What I think I loved most about this book is that besides our smoking relationship between Arabella and Elian there are two other stories going on in the background.   I was totally not expecting it when everything exploded.   

Arabella acted out to get attention but went too far.  Elian is a sexy teacher with a dark passion and a secret past.  These characters are amazing and full of depth.  The storyline was suspenseful and had several twists.  It definitely kept my attention from the beginning. 

I highly recommend this book and look forward to reading more books by Dani Rene!

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