Friday, April 9, 2021


Yelena was on her way to an expedition site with her best friend, Carlos, who was grilling her as to why she didn't like the new addition to their crew.  How could she tell him that she loved him and distrusted his new girlfriend?  

Carlos couldn't admit it to Yelena, he hated even thinking it to himself, but he was also unhappy with Jean being on this trip.  Everything was perfect in their relationship until she started getting clingy and demanding he cut ties with Yelena.  Something he would never do.  It's sad that it took dating Jean for him to realize that he not only loved the woman who had been his best friend since diapers, but he was in love with her.

Carlos had made sure that he and Yelena were responsible for driving their equipment to meet the boat for the expedition.  Unfortunately, when they finally found a place to camp overnight they realized that the animal they heard the night before was not, in fact, an animal.  Their jeep, along with all their expensive equipment has been stolen.

This was a wonderful action-packed book.  All the characters are well developed and the storyline is interesting with a few twists.  Highly recommend this book!  If you haven't read any books by Denean Dawson I recommend them all.

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