Thursday, April 29, 2021

REVIEW - LOVE BUG by Tara Wyatt

Armed men burst into their apartment and threatened to kill her and her best friend if they didn't tell them where to find Kayla's boyfriend, Sebasti├ín.  His brothers managed to get there on time to save them, but Willa couldn't believe how close she came to death after surviving cancer just six years ago.  

One of Sebasti├ín's brothers took her home with him to keep her safe.  But Max was also her surly boss.  The boss she's had a major crush for since she began working for him.

Max hates himself for taking advantage of Willa while she was so vulnerable with the break-in, but he hated himself even more when he sent her away saying it couldn't happen again.  He didn't deserve to be happy.

I loved this book!!!  Max didn't think he deserved to be loved because of something in his past.  I loved Tara Wyatt's description that your personal baggage is like hauling a huge suitcase around with you everywhere and that at some point you just had to stop dragging it around and unpack it.  

I loved all the characters in this book!  I so would have loved seeing Max dressed as Superman!  Nothing like a sexy man in Superman tights ❤  The storyline is amazing and I really hated turning the last page.  I loved the app twist of this story and hated the gossip mongers. 

I can't wait for Lucien's story!  That is one brother you don't mess with!  This book is very well written and the characters just make you smile.  

Looking forward to reading the rest of The Prescotts' series and other books by Tara Wyatt.

LOVE BUG is book three of THE PRESCOTTS Series

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