Sunday, April 25, 2021


Abby woke up in the hospital after a suicide attempt.  She moved in with her aunt after the death of her mother.  After years of depression and nightmares, Abby was a cutter and bulimic.  Only through pain could she chase away her darkness.

Kent was a member of the KINGS.  They controlled the high school and were also the legal system of the school and held court twice a week in the cafeteria.  If you were wronged they dealt justice and their punishments were severe. 

The storyline of this book is very dark and captivating.  The characters are amazing.  There are so many triggers in this story, but the story is so well written that you can fill the pain and suffering.   Abby has been through so much in her short life and the jealousies of her cousin finally put her over the edge.

I highly recommend this book, but warn there are many social and mental triggers.  I look forward to reading more by Melody Adams.

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