Saturday, April 3, 2021

REVIEW - MR. HIRED BOSS by Lindsey Hart

Pearl can't believe that she let her best friend, Dean, talk her into hiring a gay man to pretend to be her boyfriend at her sister's wedding. She is so tired of being pressured by her parents and is determined that her sister has a special day without her parents hounding her about her non-boyfriend status and give all their attention to her sister on her special day. 

So she goes with her friend to his favorite gay nightclub looking for a non-threatening boyfriend. After all, she won't have to be worried about being hit on. What could possibly go wrong? Gabriel finally agrees to be his brother's wingman just to keep from hearing any more of his nagging. He is absolutely astounded when he is approached with a ridiculous request to pretend to be a stranger's boyfriend for the weekend. Should he mention that he's not gay?

I loved this book. The characters are amazing and Pearl's parents are a hoot. Pearl and Gabriel are both determined that karma is coming to bit them in the butt for their deception. This book is totally hilarious! Highly recommend.

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