Saturday, April 3, 2021


Bella's family has owned The Hidden Glen Inn for generations and she and her grandfather are at their wit's end trying to save it. Neighboring towns and the local competing Bed & Breakfast have taken a toll and the once profitable Wine Festival has suffered for it. 

Bella is not having a good day. Plumbing issues, another B&B offered a vendor more money and highjacked their tables & chairs for the festival, their rooms are getting canceled at an alarming rate, a hateful YouTube reviewer chooses now of all times to pay a visit, she is covered in oil from her car and the only good thing is her running into and flirting with the handsome man she ran into (literally) at the coffee shop. 

As expected the Festival was horrible. Vendors had canceled and she was mortified that their only option for seating were bails of hay and wine casts for tables. Not that it mattered, attendance was embarrassing. If that wasn't enough the handsome stranger was there and had disparaging words for the planner of the festival and her grandfather's bed and breakfast. 

Josh was outraged that his dad had dragged him from Manhattan to look at a money pit of a bed and breakfast. Especially when he finds out that his father has purchased it without any discussion and then proceeds to tell him that he is sending his son to live here for a year to get it profitable. 

He sure didn't want to be here and if the nightmare accommodations they gave him were any indication, neither were they. The deteriorating cabin didn't look like it had been enhabited in a hundred years. God, he missed Manhattan.

This book grabs you from page one. The characters are well developed and you get to know their personalities immediately. I love the chemistry between Belle and Josh. The sexual tension is wonderful. Jo
sh also learns that maybe Manhattan isn't what he wants after all. 

Although the end is tear-jerking, Belle and Josh overcome all their obstacles I highly recommend not only this book but anything written by R. S. Elliot.


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