Wednesday, April 21, 2021


Jackson is a tall, gorgeous man with mesmerizing green eyes and a strong stubbled jaw.  And a self-made gazillionaire.  He was also the required credit that Lana needed to complete her master's degree this semester.  So here she sits on the first day of Intro to Entrepreneurship.  

Jackson arrives at the lecture hall to find it near to bursting with women bursting to get his attention.  He is so tired of all the fawning.  The only woman who interests him is the one who isn't enthralled with him teaching the class.  But, he is definitely interested in her and she doesn't realize what she's in for.

This book is wonderful.  You can feel the energy between Jackson and Lana from the beginning.  I love Jackson and Lana.  He is just straight-up sexy and Lana has an attitude.  This story is very well written and I was hooked from page one.  The sex scenes are smoking and the last day of college had me laughing.  

I highly recommend this book and Linnea May just got added to my favorite author's list.

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