Saturday, April 3, 2021


Piper is a 19-year-old college student and finds herself out of place when she is invited to a New Year’s party that is booze, sex, and drugs. Especially when she opens the bathroom door to find a gorgeous guy getting a blowjob – and realizing he is the bassist in her brother’s famous band, Dangerous Noise. He chases after her and gets her to agree to leave the party and she agrees if only he will give her a New Year’s kiss. 

Although they really haven’t hung out in the 3 years he has been a part of the band, they decide to become friends, and when the band leaves on tour the next day they begin texting each other every day of the tour. He is losing the battle of keeping things platonic. He has major issues that he doesn’t want to affect her life and her brothers would kill him for being near their baby sister.

This book is super-hot and steamy! It grabs you from page one and keeps you turning the pages. It will keep you up late at night continuing to read. I found the characters to be real and the book had an amazing storyline. 

There was a full interaction with other characters in the book and you feel like you are part of their crowd. This book has both Kit’s and Piper’s POV. This is part of a series but is a stand-alone book.

I HIGHLY recommend this book and hated getting to the last page.

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