Saturday, April 3, 2021

REVIEW - RISE by Kaye Blue

After his compound was attacked Aras realized he was going through feelings he didn't know he was capable of after all he has done in his life preparing for his vengeance against the monster who killed his parents. 

Aras realized he would do anything to keep Lake safe and looked for another place to keep her while he went after Vlad. Not realizing that he had a traitor among his trusted men. He finally has Vlad within his control and learns the reason that his parents were killed.

I love Aras. Even though he has worked up in a crime organization and is known as the best enforcer around I could feel his pain and determination to avenge his parent's deaths. 

Lake's life as a prisoner is heartbreaking with all the torture that she has had to endure. Even with all the violence Aras and Lake find a deep love for each other. 

The story has a major twist that I did not see coming, but it also has a happily ever after.

Their story begins with "Covet" and I highly recommend both books!

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