Sunday, April 11, 2021


Viola was hired to be the nanny for Jasper's daughter, Adalyn, during his band's five-month tour since she specializes in autism spectrum disorder.  But, Viola has a history since she grew up with all the guys in the band.....and was Jasper's brother Gus's girlfriend for four years before she dumped him for cheating.

Jasper is the songwriter and frontman for the band Wild Minds with his twin brother and 2 best friends and has been in love with Viola since he was eight years old.  He even wrote their first album to her.  Something he never should have told her the night she walked away from them all.  But he can never have her without losing his brother, his band, and everything he knows.

Jasper and Viola's story began in LOVE TO HATE HER and the ride they've gone on to get their HEA.  This story has it all - betrayal, forbidden love, jealousy, and love to get through it all.  Not only is Jasper a gorgeous sex-god rock star, but he is an amazing dad.  Nothing is sexier than a man with a baby.  

Viola is an amazing woman her relationship with all the band members runs deep.  And, no matter what he does you just have to love Gus.

This book is well written and all the characters are amazing, even the ones who aren't so nice.  J. Saman hits all the emotions and I felt I was part of the story.  The sexual chemistry between Jasper and Viola is just WOW.   Looking forward to seeing who is going to tie Gus in knots.

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