Saturday, April 3, 2021


Shasa is interrupted as she is taking a much-needed break while her daughter naps. Not only is there an unwelcome realtor at her door, but he woke up her daughter. She finally gets the information out of him that that the owner was looking to sell to a developer to build some townhouses. 

To make her day worse she finally opened the email from her partner, Lilla's father, only to find out he wasn't returning from his time with Greenpeace. Not that he had been bad in two years. She headed for her scissors and started into her dreadlocks. She only had them for him. Time for a new me.

Mac was offered a partnership as a property developer 3 years ago and was so glad to not be managing properties any longer. Getting the owner to sell the property with the neglected villa would do wonders for him. 

It wasn't really scamming the owner not letting him in on the land possibilities and he couldn't let one woman, no matter how cute, derail his plans. Shasa and her best friend decided to build cohousing townhouses. They just needed 3 more investors before approaching the bank.

I love the diversity of characters in this book. People who wouldn't meet in normal circumstances working towards the same goal. The storyline takes a few surprising curves, everything worked out in the end. There is laughter, guilt, betrayal, love, and sex. Highly recommend it!

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