Friday, April 9, 2021

REVIEW - THE VOW by JL Beck & C Hallman

Sebastián is the new Dean of North Woods University and is standing in shock.  The beautiful woman in front of him has blonde hair, large blue eyes on a heart-shaped face.  The spitting image of Amy's, but it isn't Amy because she's dead.  It takes him a minute to place her - Amy's little sister Lily.  And she is a student at his university.  She is bringing feelings he buried with his girlfriend back to the surface.  He needs to stay far far away from her.  

Sebastián looks just as she remembers him.  Tall, dark hair and hazel eyes except now they look sad instead of full of life.  Only she's not 9 anymore and would sure like a peek under that suit at the amazing body she is sure it hides.  But, not only is he the Dean of the university, he's ten years her senior and he was her dead sister's boyfriend.   You can't be any more off-limits than that, but her eyes can't control themselves. 

I love this book!  The storyline is interesting and has a few unexpected twists.  The characters are amazing and full of depth.  JL Beck brings their emotions right off the pages.  You can feel their struggles as they try to stay away from each other.  Sebastián and Lily are amazing together and their chemistry is sizzling and the sex scenes are smoking hot!!!

I highly recommend this book and look forward to reading more books by JL Beck.

THE VOW is book four of the NORTH WOODS UNIVERSITY Series

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