Wednesday, April 14, 2021


Skylar has just been dumped by her boyfriend.   Who also happened to be her literary agent.  Double dumped.  And he asked her to leave so his new girlfriend can move in.  He has been cheating for over a year with another writer.  A married one.  Who do I call?  Where will I go?  So even though he isn't normally my first choice I called my dad, the Fire Chief of Tillicum.

Gavin was a firefighter along with his twin brothers, Logan and Levi.  He and Levi are digging a fire line for a huge wildfire that is too close to town when he charges in to save another firefighter who was going over a cliff.  Gavin was an adrenalin junky and joker.  

He was serious about nothing except firefighting and then everyone paid close attention since he had an uncanny sense for where a fire was heading.  And this fire was turning and he needed to find safety.  So he jumped back off the cliff to deploy a fire shelter.  

Unbelievable, he just survived rescuing a fellow firefighter from a forest fire just to be hit by a car!  But, when he sees the gorgeous woman who hit him he smiles.  And continues to smile until he finds out she's the fire chief's daughter.  Off-limits to a player like him. 

Skylar is dismayed!  She arrives in town and hits a man stepping off the curb.  Not just any man.  A gorgeous man.  And one of her dad's firefighters.

Skylar is afraid of everything and Gavin is afraid of nothing.  Skylar is quiet and Gavin is totally not.  Total opposites attract.  

Of course, I loved this book!  He's a Bailey!!!  I love this town with its feud and all the quirky squirrels.  I love how Gavin is a daredevil but saves a kitten.  I love Skylar and how she spaces out with story plots and the Gavin Effect.

You know you found a great author when you get invested in the town and all the characters.  They are your family.  And the Baileys are the family I definitely want to be a part of !!!  ❤

Audiobook - Stephen Dexter and Savanah Peachwood are PERFECT in bringing Gavin and Skylar to life!!!  What awesome narrators.  They have Gavin and Skylar's personalities down pat.  

I read this book before listening to the audio and having them read to me made me even closer to the characters.  Is it wrong that I want to check out other books narrated by Stephen Dexter just to hear his voice? 

RUSHING IN is book four of THE BAILEY BROTHERS Series!

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