Friday, April 9, 2021


Viola is tired.  She just got off a long flight and is now fighting to get through all the drugs and sex going on around her so she can say goodbye to her past.  Her boyfriend's band just made it big and to find out he was cheating was just too much.  It's time to end this before she starts to hate him.  But, saying goodbye to him means goodbye to the rest of the band members too.  Guys that she grew up with.

As she leaving, Gus's fraternal twin, Jasper, follows her out only to tell her that the whole album was hers.  That he wrote all the songs about her.  Why would he tell her this?  And why now when she was leaving?  When he has always kept his distance from her.

Seven years later Jasper needs a nanny for his three-year-old daughter, Adalyn, who was just diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder.   He is enraged when he finds out his assistant hired Viola without telling him.  Hell, Viola hadn't even been told whose child she would be caring for and didn't even know she would be working for him!  Viola, the only woman he has ever loved and why he's never been in a relationship. 

NOOOOOOOO!!!!  I love this book so much only to be left with a cliffhanger.  So mean J. Saman!  The pull and tug of Jasper's emotions are heartbreaking.  The love and dedication to his daughter make you love him even more.  All of the characters are amazing and you just want to hug all over Adalyn.  I love the storyline and having a special needs child on top of adding Gus into their story was amazingly written.

Highly highly recommend this book and look forward to Jasper and Viola's continued story.  J. Saman is definitely going on my must-buy author list.

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