Monday, April 12, 2021

REVIEW - LAUGHLIN by Skylar West

Suri was trying to put her past behind her.  Her husband had kidnapped and beaten her and threatened to kill them both before she was saved by her friends.   She knew he was controlling, but finding out about his many mistresses and embezzling millions from his dad's company was too much.

She had been having dreams of a gorgeous mountain of a man holding her in concern and then in her dream, she would pass out which would jar her awake.  Her friend just smiled and told her she had been sent a vision into her future.

After working at her friend's yoga studio and finally making it to instructor status a fellow instructor invited her on a trip to Turkey.  Leaving out the fact that he expected sex until they were in Turkey.  After finding a cheap on the ocean she is on the beach looking for her center.

Laughlin descended from a long line of Templar Knights now known as the Free Masons.  He was in Turkey for Templar business and leaving a secret meeting updating about the Templar treasure recovery when a beautiful woman rammed into him hysterical about someone being after her evidently after she interrupted their interrogation of a man on the beach.  When she distracted them to save the man's life she found herself being chased and shot at.

When she woke up she finds herself staring at the most gorgeous man who happens to be a Scottish Earl no less.  He is huge and towers over her at 6'5".  But, that's not what's leaving her speechless!  It's the breathtaking man from her dreams.

But, maybe their meeting wasn't by chance.....

I LOVED THIS BOOK!  The characters are full of depth and the story keeps your attention.  There intertwining twists and turns throughout the book.  The chemistry between Laughlin and Suri gave me chills it was so hot.  As with her Angels and Demons series, the story and characters are full of depth.   Skylar has successfully crossed over from paranormal fantasy to contemporary suspense romance.  

I cannot recommend this author enough.  Her books are well written and her vision is so clear you feel part of the story.

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