Tuesday, April 6, 2021


Vaughn is a world-renowned drummer for his and his brother’s band, the Tucker Brothers Band and he takes full advantage of all his God-given gifts and the women thank him for it.  He is a 6'3" gorgeous tattoed man with muscles, black hair, and blue eyes.  

Gigi is gorgeous with vibrant strawberry blonde hair, large golden eyes that are hidden behind black eyeglasses.  She might look studious, but she's feisty as hell and not putting up with Vaughn's crap.

Vaughn looks up and sees a vision walking on the path near the pond and he can't believe she just walked away and dismissed him.  No woman has ever ignored him and he doesn't even know her name.

I love this book!!!!  A super-hot alpha bad boy is the perfect description of Vaughn.  You can feel his sex appeal oozing off the pages.  Julie Capulet has given us another wonderful love story full of passion.  

The characters are amazing and the storyline hooks you from word one.  I know Kade is going to have an amazing story, but she has a huge job ahead to outdo Vaughn!

I highly recommend this book which is the second of the Music City Lovers series, but all of Julie's books are amazing.  They are well written and the characters are amazing.  You feel like you are part of their story.  And don't forget the sex and chemistry which is smoking hot!

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