Saturday, April 3, 2021

REVIEW - ACCESS by Lexxi James

Madison Taylor had whiskey coffee spilled on her way to an interview causing her to have to remove her blouse. Luckily she had a camisole to wear under her blazer. After the interview went downhill she lost her temper and went off on the interviewer. Which ended up being how she received the job.

Alex Drake telecommunications billionaire who had a major chink in this armor.. suffers pain attacks and an obsession with the name Taylor. Madison starts receiving gifts and messages from an anonymous person. Her investigation skills are getting her nowhere.

I really enjoyed this book it doesn't have a drastic cliffhanger, but it is part of a continuing series. I love all the characters and the storyline is amazing. I'm looking forward to seeing if I'm following the clues correctly and I really want to have some Lamborghini fun!

I highly recommend this book and Lexxi James!

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