Tuesday, April 6, 2021


Instead of attending his high school graduation, Tristan was in the basement of a bar fighting in a ring.  Underground fighting took his mind off everything - being dumped by his girlfriend, his best friend thinking he was in too deep and definitely not the adoption papers he found in his dad's filing cabinet.   

Kaia is painting in the small trailer that sits in her grandparents' driveway.  She can't believe that she and her mother used to live here before she died.  Now it's a converted painting studio thanks to her granddad.  

As she is trying to concentrate on finishing a painting the girl across the street is starting to party out front with her friends.  She recognizes a few and sees a new guy that hasn't been around before.   When he turns around she realizes it is Tristan.  The boy was her best friend until his family moved away ten years ago.

This is a wonderful story of self-discovery for both Kaia and Tristan.   The characters are amazing and fully developed.   The storyline is great and seamlessly brings Tristan's life on the dark side into the rest of the story.  Kaia and Tristan are just smoking hot together.   

I highly recommend this book and Anna Ray.  She brings the characters to life right through the pages.

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