Thursday, April 29, 2021


Kate lost her job as a translator for United Nations and decided to try nannying.  After two months of looking for a job she finally gets a call.  It's in Midtown and instead of her traveling the hour and a half she was told she would be picked up for the interview. Imagine her surprise when her ride was a helicopter. 

Braxton needed a nanny for his two-year-old twins.  He may have been a billionaire, but he grew up in the slums.  He had to fight for everything especially learning to read and learn languages.  He wanted his children to be proficient in the languages that he struggled with.  

Adam is Braxton's personal assistant at his investments firm.  Although he learning tremendously under Brax's tutelage he really wants to be on the floor again.

Mathias was Braxton's personal trainer and works exclusively with Braxton and his employees.  Except, he twiddles his thumbs between Braxton's morning and evening sessions.

But they have one thing in common.  They love Kate and despite their appearance, they are best friends and brothers of their hearts.  They are all sexy gorgeous me with Braxton and his raven hair and dark eyes, Adam with his spattering of freckles and bright green eyes hidden between glasses, and Mattias massive German with blonde hair and baby blue eyes.  Kate didn't stand a chance.

I loved this book.  This is a reverse harem romance with an amazing storyline.  The men regardless of being muscular and gorgeous are as different in personality as they are in looks.  I love all the characters!  They are full of depth and emotion.  And Allie and Barry are beyond adorable!

I highly recommend this book.  The storyline keeps you turning the pages and I didn't want it to end.  Will definitely be reading more by Cassie Cole.

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