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If it wasn't for the fact that Erik was the newly appointed King of Denmark's best friend and private secretary he would be anywhere but where he is.  A ballroom filled with everyone Stellan has ever met dressed to the nines at the King's engagement announcing party.  He's been reminded all his life that he was not royalty but was good enough to be Stellan's friend and he was so over all of the pomp.

Annika is a beautiful blonde with light blue eyes and totally off-limits.  She is too young, too wealthy, too privileged and most important and topmost reason being she was Stellan's baby sister.

Erik is tall has blonde hair, green eyes and is insanely handsome, and has more muscles than he knows what to do with.  As the King's right-hand man you would think he would have a better office than a small freezing one located in the basement of the palace.  

He is shocked when the Queen Mother arrives in his office unannounced, but he is horrified when he finds out she is switching his duties to keeping her granddaughter out of trouble for the three months leading up to Stellan and Margot's wedding.

Annika is determined to lose her virginity and has decided that Erik is the perfect man for the job.  When she realizes there is no changing his mind about the reasons they can't be together she loses it and shows up at a Red Carpet event drunk off her feet.

Keeping Annika out of trouble seems to be a lost cause so Erik does the only thing he can.  He cancels all her appointments and whisked her out of town and the eyes of the press.

I love this book!  Annika is a spoiled Princess who hates the pressures put on her by the Queen Mother and the press on the proper comportment of a member of the royal family.  To the point of panic attacks.  So she rebels which only makes things worse.  She is a total brat.  

Erik is the total opposite.  He is the stable master's son who was taken under the wing of the former king to be a companion to his oldest son.  Even though he and Stellan are best friends he has been told too many times that he isn't good enough since he is not of royal blood.

I love Erik's intensity.  He tries so hard to keep his rage and insecurities hidden.  Especially his need for Annika and all the reasons they can't be together.

All the characters in this book are well developed and Vivian Wood shows you all their different layers.  Even though this book is Erik and Annika's story you know exactly what is happening in all the lives of others.  I feel like I am part of the family (except for not being royalty and all). 

The chemistry between Erik and Annika is so hot I don't know how everyone is oblivious.  The sex scenes beyond smoking hot.  Just a gaze from Erik burns through you.  🔥🔥🔥

I highly recommend this book and will definitely be reading more by Vivian Wood!

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