Wednesday, April 21, 2021


Teddy lived in a mansion that had been converted into apartments.  All of the residents, except her, were billionaires but still dear friends.  Even if they felt the need to take care of her.  Especially now that she had torn her ACL.  

Since her injury keeps her from her regular job waiting tables she is spending all her time painting to support herself.  Between painting in her studio, which is the previous wine cellar of the mansion, and doing a commission piece for Mrs. Devereaux, another resident, she spends time at the park overlooking the river to sketch and get fresh air.

She is on a park bench sketching the scene of the river when a man sits at a nearby bench with his guitar.  His music brings so much inspiration to her painting.  When she finishes and glances his way she is struck by his beauty and begins to draw.

Drew is awestruck by the woman sketching the river scene.  He can't believe how she can with just a few strokes bring life to a blank page.  So he gets out his guitar and starts to play music that expresses his thoughts of her.  When he finishes the song and looks up she is still sketching.  But, him on the page instead of the river.

Teddy and Drew agreed to be friends.  With no back story,  no last names or phone numbers, just meeting if they happened to see each other in the park.  She had already had the love of her life and when it didn't work out she gave up on relationships and he was younger than her, but that didn't stop them from sharing martinis and going to her studio to get naked. 

I loved this book!  Drew and Teddy are perfect for each other and if they had spoken about their personal stuff it would have kept them from so much pain.  I love all the characters in this story.  I look forward to starting from the beginning of this series to get to know the rest of her friends better, but I love how they all love and support Teddy.  And Grandmother!!!  

I highly recommend this book!  The story is wonderful and Drew and Teddy's relationship is full of emotion.  All the characters are wonderful.  Even the awful ones.  I really felt Drew's pain and frustration, but really wanted him to knock down the door.

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