Saturday, April 3, 2021


After spending the night in a casino chair because her useless boyfriend decided he wanted to pick up a woman for a three-way, Destiny is awoken by an angry man talking on the phone with his brother. When she gets the gist that he needs a woman for something she volunteers. 

So she finds herself dressed in a period dress of a prostitute hanging on for dear life as they race a bed down the street for an annual event celebrating Madame Oxenhandler Day who seemed to have been a famous madame in the day.

Beck is co-owner of a spirits company who doesn’t drink and would rather die than attend any type of social event, but when his brother calls him sick he is forced to find a woman to attend the annual bed race. When a pretty girl with purple hair volunteers to be his woman for a price he becomes enthralled. 

When she gets a few shots in him he lets out his wildest dominant fantasies and he directs his limo driver to take the scenic ride back to Denver and for the next few hours, he dominates her to his heart’s content. When he tries to call the number she gave him he finds that not only is it not her number, but nobody knows her at the address she had the limo driver drop her. But how many fortune tellers named Destiny could there be in Denver? And why did she try to hide from him?

This book has the POV of both Destiny and Beck. It is a steamy hot erotic romance. Beck is enjoying his venture into BDSM and Destiny follows the cards to find their happily ever after. I highly enjoyed this book. 

It is a quirky and smoking hot read. Highly recommend.

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