Sunday, April 11, 2021


Naomi was 4 months away from getting married to the lead singer of the number one band Claw by Night, but Florian decided he loved heroin more than he did her.  So she walked away.  Heroin killed her dad and she refused to watch someone else she loved die.  If the drugs weren't enough he had to humiliate her at the Grammys when they accepted their award for best song.

Gus is walking the love of his life down the aisle towards her new husband.   She is getting married to his twin brother and he has no one to blame but himself.   Because he let the rock and roll lifestyle get to him and cheated on her.  Over and over until she left him.  That was seven years ago.  Even though he knows how this was always meant to be, the reality is killing him.

So he decides to write a song to apologize and say goodbye.  His way of closure so he can move on.  Only he's not a writer.  He's not a singer.  He sets the notes, but his brother is the singer/songwriter.  And I'm asking him to sing my goodbye song to his wife.  Ok, awkward.  Instead, we're looking for someone to sing a duet with me.

"She'll be the one you fight everything and everyone for."  These are the words Viola told him at her wedding.  It finally hits him that as much as he loves her she is right, it's not her.  Viola has always had an amazing relationship with Gus.  She grew up with these guys and even through everything they have a great family dynamic. 

Oh, the tears when I read his song of goodbye to Viola!!!!  Gus's regrets for his past bleed through the pages.  This was an emotional book for me.  As happy-go-lucky playboy, Gus tries to be you just have to love him and check your ovaries when he's near Adalyn.  If that and his gorgeous and sexy body don't steal your break - the sex will zap it right out of you.  WOW!

Naomi has been left by all who she loved.  Her mom died of breast cancer, her dad of a heroin overdose a few years later, and the Florian past and future.  But, as much as she's been through she's done hiding in the shadows.  Will Gus end up leaving her too?

J. Saman is an amazing writer.  This book is so well written I can actually feel the cold water streaming down my face and the chill of the storm.  The characters are so full of depth and emotion.  And even though it could have had a tragic ending the storyline is movie-worthy!  

I would LOVE to see Viola, Jasper, Naomi, Gus, Keith, Henry, AND ADALYN on screen.  I know I'll see everyone again when we meet Keith and Henry's HEA, but I so hated turning the last page.

HIGHLY RECOMMEND this book and series!  Can't wait to read about Keith and Harry and the craziness the seeps out of the walls and will definitely be checking out J. Saman's library.

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