Saturday, April 3, 2021


This is the final chapter of Miranda and Alex's story. Their story begins with Miranda rushing to an interview and having a jerk run into her spilling his coffee on her white blouse. Luckily she was wearing a camisole underneath and even though it showed a lot of cleavage with her blazer it was at least presentable. 

Alex is enthralled when he watches through their security system a sexy woman being interviewed with his business. When she is denied the job she lets go of all of her frustrations of the morning and tells the interviewer off. When Alex realizes that she is the woman he ran into that morning he has his assistant chase her down to give her the job. 

He is determined to get her to go out with him and starts sending her gifts and messages anonymously. But, he is hiding a secret. One that will change her life.

I can't recommend this book enough! It is a smoking hot steamy romance with a mix of James Bond. You not only get the POV of Miranda and Alex but also the views from secondary characters. 

I really think this should be Passionflix's next series. It's that good!!! Way to go Lexxi James! 

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