Saturday, April 3, 2021

REVIEW - TEMPTATION by Elizabeth Grey

Samantha had just arrived in town to manage an art gallery and decided to stop into a local bar, order a hard cider and let the weariness of travel fall off her shoulders before she had to tackle unpacking.  The roaring of a motorcycle drew her eyes to the door and in walks a man she can't take her eyes off of.

Samantha is excited as she opens the gallery.  She is so excited to begin her first day.  Until the gorgeous man from last night enters the gallery and she finds out he is the owner of the gallery.  The man she made out with last night is her BOSS!

I really like this story.  Despite it only being from Samantha's POV the other characters are well developed and you feel their emotions.  The chemistry between Samantha and Henry is evident from their first meeting and even with the past that he's been running away from for years you see him wanted to change.  

The book is very well written and the storyline interesting from beginning to end.   The sexy times are very steamy.  I highly recommend this book and Elizabeth Grey!

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