Monday, July 19, 2021


Trevor's best friend Jaeden convinced him into attending a frat house party at a rival school, Grand Valley.  Jaeden was a wide receiver and Trevor was running back for South River so they were excited about talking crap to a rival team.  And they learn that one of their players, a running back, is transferring to South River.

After Jaeden disappears with some girl he sees Trevor starts playing drinking games with the other football players until his bladder starts begging for relief.   When he finds the two bathrooms downstairs being used for sex and getting sick, he roams upstairs looking for another bathroom.   

After opening several doors he finally finds a restroom and it isn't until he has already started  that he notices the room is fogged up and steamy and then a man snatches open the shower curtain to ask him what he thought he was doing.  

He's bigger than Trevor by several inches and pounds and extremely good looking and when he sees Trevor checking him out in the mirror he asks if Trevor would help him forget his sucky life and kisses him.

He's in the locker room putting on his practice gear when the door slams and he hears heavy footsteps approaching.  When Trevor glances over his shoulder he can't believe what he's seeing.  The naked guy from the bathroom is walking up to him - he's the new running back on the team.

As soon as Dominic graduated high school he high tailed it to Grand Valley to escape his mean, drunk father.  As much as he tried he couldn't get him mom to leave him.  He passed away four weeks ago so he transferred to South River to take care of his mom.  

Because of his dad's controlling ways she didn't work and any money she received from insurance wouldn't be enough.  He can't believe she's actually mourning that monster.  So he's here for her financially and emotionally until she can find work.

Trevor was scared to let anyone know that he was gay.  He wasn't confident enough to put it out there especially to his team.  He was terrified how his parents would take the news.

This is a MM romance.  Although not my normal read, I found this book to be very well written and all of the characters well developed and relatable.  This book is very emotional.  Trevor's conversation with his parents, but even more so when Dominic breaks down and tells Trevor about his dad.

The storyline grabs you from page one.  Trevor and Dominic's instant attraction and the suspense of how Trevor was going accept himself and share his true sexuality with his friends and family.  All of the characters are amazing, but the love between Trevor and Dominic floods through  the pages.   Highly enjoyed this book about relationships and being true to yourself. 

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